“We know The Outset can help you, because it’s what helped us too.”

Both of our founders, Scarlett and Kate, spent years struggling with acne and skin sensitivities - Scarlett doing so on a very public stage.  They truly understand the toll that irritated skin can have on your self confidence.  Sharing a solution for the increasingly common issue of sensitized, problem skin inspired them to create The Outset.


Black and white photo of Kate Foster and Scarlett Johansson


Founder and Chair, The Outset

A globally recognized actor and producer, Scarlett's own consistent approach to healthy, radiant skin is at the heart of The Outset's everyday beauty philosophy. "I saw that so many others could identify with my skin struggles," said Scarlett. "My goal was to prove that gentle, barrier-nourishing products could deliver amazing results. And it had to be easy, as effortless as slipping on your favorite white tee."


Co-Founder and CEO, The Outset

Kate is an entrepreneur, mentor, and former beauty/fashion executive who is passionate about building consumer-first brands. "From the moment I met Scarlett, I was excited by her vision," says Kate. "I was done stripping my skin with harsh products and it felt like time for a reset. The Outset is where simplicity and purpose meet - clean, results-driven skincare for all."

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